East London markets

come and be part of the fun

Brick Lane market - a mad mixture of treasures and trash. Home of bric-a-brac

Part of the fun is following the side streets to see where they lead and picking the jewels out from the junk. You'll find things to wear (leather is a speciality) and eat as well as lots of items that might "come in handy one day". It's easy to get side-tracked by the many stalls and boxes of collectables.

If the aroma from the beigel bakeries doesn't tempt you, the Bangladeshi restaurants probably will. Expect to find anything from furniture to fruits, kitchenware to kitsch and odd boots to bangles.

Open from early morning until about 14.00 (Sundays only) - allow plenty of time to see it all as the market stretches into Cheshire Street and Sclater Street.

Whitechapel Market

Fruit & spice and everyting nice!

Whitechapel is a long established, thriving local street market opposite the famous RoyalLondonHospital, right by the Whitechapel underground station.

It offers bargains galore for people working in the area and the local Asian community. Come to grab a bargain everyday from Monday to Saturday from over 80 stalls selling everything from fresh fruit to fish, clothing, bedding, carpets, jewellery and electrical goods, all at unbelievable prices.

The nearby East London Mosque ensures a steady stream of visitors and many stalls now sell Indian spices and exotic vegetables as well as great quality silks and saree fabric.

Open six days a week from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 until 18.00.

Petticoat Lane Market

London's oldest & most famous street market  

Probably the most famous and oldest of all London's street markets.

Petticoat Lane was established over 400 years agop and still attracts visitors from all over the world. The Huguenots who came to London from France sold pettocats and lace here but the prudish Victorians changed the name of the Lane and market to avoid referring to woman's underclothes!

The market actually takes place in Wentworth Street on Monday - Friday, spreading on Sundays to become even bigger with 10 seperate trading streets including  Middlesex Street. You'll find bargains of every kind, including new clothes from well-knows chain stores as well as leather goods, watches and toys.

The market is open from Monday to Friday, and on Sundays from 9.00 to 14.0

Columbia Road flower Market
Happy gardening starts here
Columbia Road has a wonderful atmosphere and the market is fringed with quirky shops and cafes, where customers compare purchases and swap stories of gardening triumphs.

Tucked away in an unlikely side street in the heart of the East End - Columbia Road feels like your own secret bit of London. The magic starts as you spot the first signs of the market - people whose faces are hidden by great armfuls of plants and flowers they've just bought.

Follow the trail and immerse yourself in a colourful world of plants and pots, flowers and fresh coffee. There are over 50 flower and plant stalls selling quality and often unusual, plants at bargain prices. Columbia Road's characters are just as colourful as the plants, with their ready patter and gardening advice.

Open from 8.00 until 14.00 on Sundays only - come early to beat the crowds or late for a last minute bargain!